Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q.  What time should I arrive?
A.  There is no set time and you can arrive when you wish after 6.00 a.m. How ever, there are  customers waiting to buy your goods so it makes sense that the earlier you arrive, the more people will be able to view your merchandise.

2.Q.   Do I need to book?
A.   No. Just turn up on the day.

3.Q.   How can I ensure a good position?
A.   There is no such thing as a good spot. If people like your goods they will buy them. 

4.Q.  Should I price up my goods?
A.   It is entirely up to you, but we would advise not to. Have a price in mind that you will accept, then start higher. Your customers will want to haggle and that is, indeed, all part of the car boot experience.  

5.Q.  What can I sell?
A.  Almost anything, it is a myth that you can''t sell electrical goods. You can not, however, sell anything ilegal, i.e. forgeries (dvd cd film etc.), guns or weapons or
live amimals. For food and drink see question 15 below. If in doubt please ring before hand.

6.Q.  Do I need a table?
A.  Most people bring a paste table or two. Some also bring a blanket or plastic sheet to put on the ground. Some people bring neither. We would suggest one of each, depending on the amount of goods you have.

7.Q.   How much room can I have?
A.   With in reason, as much as you like. Speak to the lads who park you up. They won''t bite. ( well, not very often !! )

8.Q.   What time does it end? 
A.   You can leave when you wish. Bear in mind that your customers will be leaving around mid day for lunch, so little happens after then. Also bear in mind that most people will want to leave around that time so relax a while and you will avoid the queue to exit. Have a cup of tea and cash up!

9.Q.   Should I bring a float?
A.   Yes. There is normally extra small change available on the entrance gate but don''t rely on it.

10.Q.   Is it safe?
A.   Yes. There are plenty of people around and it is a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. Having said that, please take the usual precautions as you would any where. Keep an eye on your merchandise, don''t leave cash or valuables unattended. There are, unfortunately, thieves where ever you go. It is also an idea to keep you car locked if there are valuables in it. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.

11.Q.   Will I be OK on my own?
A.   Sure, no problem. As the morning progresses you will get to know your neighbour who will, no doubt, keep an eye on your stall for you should you wish to leave it for a minute and vici versa.

12.Q.   Are there toilet facilities?
A.   Yes, there are portable loos on site. They are seviced regularly but Baby Changing is not normally available.

13.Q.   What about refreshments?
A.   Some people bring their own but there is at least one catering van selling hot and cold food and drink. When the weather is good, an Iced Cream vendor is also on site.

14.Q.   Is there somewhere we can leave unwanted items? 
A.   "One man's rubbish is another man's treasure"  Sorry, but in todays world of rules and regs. and the importance of recycling, all goods must be removed from site. Charity shops are always in need of extra stock. We are allowed to dispose of paper and cardboard but nothing else.  We have had incidents of people being badly injured by " hidden", broken glass.  Please be considerate and take it with you.

15.Q.  Can we sell food and drink?
A.  Home made cakes, sweets, deserts and the like are fine. No hot drinks, canned drinks or bottles or anything that is sold by the existing catering vehicles.

16.Q.  My friend and I want to be together, is that OK?
A.   Sure, no problem. Please make sure you arrive together as saving a space is seldom, logisticly possible. Make sure you tell the girls on the gate of your requirements  and they will radio through to the field hands. 

17.Q.   Can I bring my dog?
A.  Sure. It is not uncommon for people do bring their dog. On a lead please and make sure you clear up after him.

18.Q.   What if it rains?
A.   We get wet !! The only time an event will be cancelled is if the ground is too soft for vehicles. If it is raining on the day people, understandably, just don''t turn up. As a seller it is good practice to bring a light plastic sheet to protect your goods from the occasional shower.

If in doubt please RING for advice during normal hours. We are sorry but it is not possible to reply to all emails.